What We Offer

What do we offer?

We provide training, consultancy works and is a service provider for IT-BPM companies by providing campaigns, emerging technologies, IT Solutions and related IT services. We started doing outsourcing contact centers for clients from the US, UK and India since 2012 and lately expanded to Online Education as a Service.

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JoBS eSolutions provides tailored-fit learning programs that will fulfill the prescribed standards of performance and conduct in information technology (IT), business process outsourcing (BPO and other industry related programs.) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing.


Both technical and 21st century essential skills are being addressed by our training services, as both are important to be competitive and be relevant to the changing times. These skills are addressed by the many online programs and learning modules provided by JoBS eSolutions and its partners. Essential Skills are meticulously conceptualized, designed, developed and implemented on the specific requirements of our clients.  Our clients both from the government and private sectors generally, tap us for our Enhancing Work Environment Modules that is geared towards Positive Work Attitude, 21st Century Essential Skills and the likes.



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Online ESL has been a flagship of JoBS eSolutions, Inc since 2017. We have catered foreign students from Asia and we are currently expanding to more countries. ESL is a program designed specifically for those with zero to basic English learners.

Currently, we have JesiKids iLearn Advance and JeSI iLearn International which caters toddlers to young kids and young adults to adults respectively.


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The JeSI Interactive Modules are fun and experiential. We have 54 lessons designed for the program, Purposive Communication. It covers varied communication lessons and exercises.

Aside from thes modules we have added Modules for ESL eTeaching and General Virtual Assistance to name a few. 


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The Jesi Project, is a representation of the online education platform that JoBS eSolutions, Inc uses. Its brand represented by a Philippine baby eagle, an "Eaglet" that soars above learner's challenges. JESI is simple, witty, intelligent, smart coach and buddy. 

The JESI Learning Management System  (LMS) is very interactive that evaluation can be in several ways. It can be done through system generation, teacher, peer to peer and a combination of teacher and peer to peer. 

The JESI LMS is very flexible that makes lessons more interactive and engaging.

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JESI is a representation of the online education platform of JoBS eSolutions, Inc. uses. He is a Philippine Baby Eagle, an  “Eaglet” that soars above learner's challenges. JESI is simple,  witty, intelligent,  smart Coach and Buddy. He loves to motivate the learning process of a student and encourages them to have fun with the lessons. 

The JESI Interactive Modules are fun and experiential. We have 54 Lessons to choose from. It is focused on Purposive Communication which covers various purposes. We can even customize content for your specific needs. 


As we go beyond what we see today, JoBS eSolutions Inc. is determined to be a leader in the Online Language Education especially to those willing to learn the universal business language, English. We are dauntless, tenacious, full of vitality and strength to see this through. Let's talk and experience us. Let us both soar high like an eagle.