The Company




To be a dynamic and progressive institution that cultivates learning and growth of the individuals, communities and countries for the 21st century and beyond.




We exist to provide continuing professional education through online education, training and development programs that will foster meaningful and better lives through employment and business opportunities among corporate partners.




JoBS eSolutions, Inc. believes in building partnerships with those who share our goals and values. As we see it, people and institutions involved in learning and growth initiatives need to collaborate and cooperate to further improve the well being of individuals, communities and countries.




 JoBS eSolutions, Inc. is the result of increasing need in the IT- BPM sector to produce qualified contact center talents and specialists. It also came about when Corporate Partners started to engage us by supplying talents produced by our institution.


Its stakeholders being advocates of the IT-BPM sector, sensed the need with urgency to develop talents in the region for inclusive growth and better lives for its community.


The primary purpose of our company is to operate as a center for elearning programs, and to establish partnerships with different schools, private and public institutions, associations and corporate partnerships and various corporations and other business related organizations in developing and providing online academic programs, business system and training in different fields of expertise. 


We provide training; consultancy works and is a service provider for IT-BPM companies by providing campaigns, emerging technologies, IT Solutions and related IT services. We started doing outsourcing contact centers for clients from the US, UK and India since 2012. 


Lately, we have been involved in providing services for foreign students who are interested to learn English. Most of our students are from China and Japan. We have expanded and we hope to cater more international clients. To date, we have taught more than a Million of international learners.


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We consider our employees as team members and the President as the Team Captain. The team respects the thoughts, ideas and beliefs and appreciates the contributions of all the team members. The team must adhere to the rules of the game. We also provide consultancy and better employment opportunities by providing placement assistance services and projects for contact center partners.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.