Pressing the Keys of Hope

JoBS eSolutions

There are times when you just feel like writing. There is an inner feeling you can’t understand  that makes our fingers start pressing the keys. This emotion that makes you think life in a deeper perspective. As you grow older you realize life is by itself a personal journey.

What you write and the story you tell, shows your current state of emotion and mind. You could be happy, sad, worried, confused, unfulfilled or hopeless. You may be in a state that you have mixed emotions but a greater degree of hopefulness. There are so many things that you see that make you sad, there are things that you continually do but you feel confused but despite all this you are hopeful and believe that tomorrow is a better day.

Life will always be a seesaw. One would ask, where did you go wrong? What should you do? What else can be done?

When you ask people, you need not their opinion, not even for them to answer, but hopeful that they will listen and not pretend to understand and know all the answers because surely you know the reasons and the answers but still hopeful.
Sometimes you would ask, “Why? What? How come? How to? Now what?”, but isn’t it so unfair to question? You keep saying “Trust…Believe… Have Faith…”, but still not completely? People are deceived because of self-sufficiency, self-interest, self-preservation, pride, arrogance, and ego. Some of these are not wrong, but to what extent does it become dangerous? When do you say enough is enough?
There is no one that completely give us the inner joy, inner strength and inner hope but your Trust in God. Keep Believing. Keep Trusting. Keep The Faith.

Surely, everything will be alright and tomorrow will be a better day. BLT