Delivering the 21st Century Competencies

Teachers must prepare

JoBS eSolutions

Collaborating with others and connecting through technology are essential skills in a knowledge-based economy. The assessment and teaching of 21st-century skills project brought together more than 250 researchers across 60 institutions worldwide who categorized 21st-century competencies that are needed internationally into four broad categories:


1.       Ways of thinking. creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning

2.       Ways of working. communication and collaboration

3.       Tools for working. information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy

4.       Skills for living in the world. citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility


The changes in the demand for competencies have strong implications on the competence which teachers need to obtain to effectively teach 21st-century skills to their students. The kind of education needed today entails teachers to be high-level knowledge workers who continuously advance their own professional growth as well as that of their profession. Teachers need to be agents of innovation to make students use their higher level of thinking to solve challenges.


The competencies required for the 21st century guided our work in ensuring that we provide a good quality education to learners.


  • We believe that everyone can learn. Our teachers place the student at the center of his or her work. Our teachers know how people can learn best, and fosters the best  learning environment possible;

  • We set high standards for our teachers, and ensure that they possess the requisite knowledge and skills to be responsive to student needs; and

  • Our teachers are committed to their profession through active collaborations and make every effort to become better practitioners to benefit the teaching community.


JoBS eSolutions, Inc. believes in building partnerships with those who share our goals and values. As we see it, people and institutions involved in learning and growth initiatives need to collaborate and cooperate to further improve the well-being of individuals, communities and countries. We can combine our expertise with your knowledge of your business to address your competencies requirements for the 21st century. AVLJ